Complaints & Appeals

Avante Education has in place a Complaints Policy and Appeals Policy to respond effectively to individual appeal requests and cases of dissatisfaction.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure is to detail how the procedure demonstrates that the requirements of the aim, purpose, scope and guiding principles of the Complaints Policy and Appeals Policy have been met respectively.

Our complaints and appeals policies and procedures are based on providing an avenue for all complaints and appeals to be addressed in a fair, efficient and confidential manner.

The complaints and appeals policies and procedures is referred to learners prior to enrolment.

Lodge a Complaint or Appeal

To lodge a complaint or appeal, please print and fill out the relative forms below and hand in to the admin officers on campus.

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Deferral, Suspension, Cancellation, Withdrawal

Avante Education may defer commencement of a course when a course is not offered. Learners may defer commencement of a course or suspend or cancel their enrolment during their course under the following limited circumstances:

  • Unavailability of a course or pre-requisite unit.
  • On the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances (at the discretion of auss-one).

Avante Education may cancel or suspend a Learner’s enrolment in the following instances:

  • Learner misbehaviour as outlined in the Learner Code of Conduct.
  • Erratic course progress or continuous absence from scheduled course hours.
  • Learner takes leave of absence without approval.
  • The Learner does not return to study after a scheduled term or holiday break or following an approved leave of absence such as deferment or suspension of studies.

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