From 1 January 2015, it is a federal government requirement that every student will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to obtain their Statement of Attainment or qualification from their RTO when undertaking nationally recognised study and training in Australia.
This unique number is required for any student who has already started a nationally recognised course in Australia, and will continue studying after 1 January 2015. A USI gives students access to an online USI account, which will keep all of their training records together in one location.

What is a USI?

The Unique Student Identifier or USI is a reference number made up of 10 numbers and letters that:

  • Creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, even from different training organisations.
  • Will give you access to your training records and transcripts.
  • Can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere.
  • Is free and easy to create.
  • Stays with you for life.

The USI is linked to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection, and this means an individual’s nationally recognised training and qualifications gained anywhere in Australia, from different training organisations, will be kept all together.

Who needs a USI and why?

If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment. If you don’t have a USI you will not receive your qualification or statement of attainment.

Your USI will give you access to an online record of the training you have done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

Students will need to read the USI Privacy Notice and provide their USI and/or apply for a USI if they don’t already have one yet prior to enrolment Avante Education does not issue qualifications and/or statement of attainments unless it has obtained a valid USI from each student.

For further information on the USI or to apply, refer to the Unique Student Identifier website.

Creating your own USI

To get started, students need to log into the USI website and follow the instructions; ensure a form of ID is ready.

Video of How to create your own USI (from the USI website)

Examples of acceptable forms of ID:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • Visa (with non-Australian passport) for international students
  • Birth certificate (Australian) *please note a birth certificate extract is not sufficient
  • Certificate of Registration by descent
  • Citizenship certificate
  • ImmiCard

Prior to Enrolment

Students will need to read the USI Privacy Notice and provide their USI and/or apply for a USI if they don’t already have one yet prior to enrolment. Avante Education does not issue qualifications and/or statement of attainments unless it has obtained a valid USI from each student.

For further assistance please call the USI hotline on 1300 857 536 or send request via USI website’s Contact Us section.

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Skills First Program

The following qualifications are delivered under the Victorian Government Skills First Program. Eligibility criteria must be met to access funding.
Enrolling in any Avante Education course under the Skills First Program can affect your access to future Government subsidised training.
The student fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Here’s the full Statement of Fees with a more detailed breakdown than the table below.

Statement of Fees Breakdown 2018

Statement of Fees 2018 Table

Attention: The internal data of table “fees” is corrupted!

The learner tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Eligibility for the Skills First Program will be assessed by a member of our enrolment team prior to enrolment.

Fee For Service
Fee for service rates apply to those applicants who do not meet the eligibility for funding under the Skills First Program

We have tried our best to make our rates competitive and do not charge an extra tuition fee, therefore a concession card does not affect any fees or funding.

Kit Cost may vary according to Learner’s requirement and chosen electives.

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Recognition of Prior Learning

What is RPL?

Recognition of prior learning is a process where a person with work experience, can have their skills and knowledge assessed, with the aim of getting a formal qualification.

Are You Eligible?

What are the benefits of RPL?

If you receive recognition for your industry experience, skills and knowledge, it may lead to:

  • A full or partial nationally recognized industry qualification
  • Only do the training you need to do
  • Well supported
  • Save time by not attending unnecessary classes
  • Complete your accredited qualification and get into workforce sooner
  • Boosts your morale by acknowledging your experience

A qualification can help you to:

  • Enter or re-enter in the workforce
  • Change careers
  • Get a promotion
  • Improve your job security

Employer benefits:

  • Meet and exceed industry requirements
  • Help identify skills gaps
  • Helps to achieve the skills development plan

What does it cost?

Contact us to find out more information.

What do I do?

Contact us to discuss the RPL process. We will provide you with support and advice on the recognition process. You will be guided through the RPL process and would be required to provide evidence of your industry experience, skills and knowledge.

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Credit Transfer

Avante Education has a policy to acknowledge formal Statements of Attainments issued by another RTO.
Credit transfer as defined in the AQF reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification and may be through credit transfer, articulation, recognition of prior learning or advanced standing.

Where students have made an application for Credit Transfer on any equivalent units in a qualification, credit will be granted and the student will not be required to repeat the training in those units where application has been made and credit has been granted.

What is Credit Transfer

Credit transfer assesses the initial course or subject that an individual’s using to claim access to, or the award of credit in, a destination course. The assessment determines the extent to which the client’s initial course or subject is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a qualification. This may include credit transfer based on formal learning that is outside the AQF.

What is National Recognition?

Recognition by an RTO of the AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by all other RTO in all state and territories, thereby enabling national recognition of the qualifications and statements of attainment issued to any person.

How to apply

You can apply for Credit Transfer or National Recognition before or after enrolling in the courses. If it is applied for after enrolment it should be applied within 2 weeks of the Course Commencement date.
Please contact us to apply.

In the event that your application for Credit Transfer has not been successful you may discuss this further with Avante Education.


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Special Needs

What are Special Needs?

Students with special needs are students with disabilities, health related conditions or learning difficulties. The term disability encompasses children with an intellectual disability, physical disability, vision impairment, hearing impairment, language disorder, mental health condition or autism. Some student’s might have specific learning needs which could include ESL learners with varying levels of language, literacy and conceptual understanding.

Additional Support

Should you require additional support during the program, please advise your Trainer who will refer you to an appropriate support service. For assistance with improvement of reading and/or writing, we can assist you in sourcing an appropriate external support organisation such as the Reading, Writing Hotline on 1300 655 506. We will endeavour to provide welfare and guidance to all learners wherever possible. This may include:

    • Pre-Program interviews.
    • Workplace Health and Safety.
    • Provision for special learning needs.
    • Provision for special cultural and religious needs.
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
    • Flexible Learning Options.
    • Alternative assessment strategies.
    • Review of payment schedules if required.
    • Training premises accessible for people with disabilities.

Counselling Services

  • If a student has a problem with any unit of competency or course, they should feel free to discuss their concerns with either the trainer and assessor or ourAdministration Staff. If the support needs extend to a need for counselling the learner will be referred to an appropriate external support agency.
    Any fees associated with these services will be at the expense of the trainee and explained in detail at the time of referral.
Some support service and their contact numbers are listed below:
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance 000
  • Interpreting Services: 13 14 50
  • Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
  • Abortion Grief Counselling 1300 363 550
  • Alcohol and Drug Information Serv. 1800 177833 (24-hour counselling and information)
  • Domestic Violence helpline 1800 811 811
  • Lifeline 131 114
  • Men’s Line Australia 1300 789 978
  • Pregnancy Counselling Australia 1300 737732
  • Pregnancy Help Line 1300 792 79
  • Quitline 13 78 48
  • Salvation Army 1300 363 622
  • Statewide Sexual Assault Helpline 1800 010120
  • Head Space – Youth Mental Health Initiative Program
  • Beyond Blue – advice and support for anxiety and depression

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Avante Education is committed to ensuring that its processes for administering fees, charges and outlining the conditions of
refund are fundamentally based on the requirements of the law, regulations and contractual agreements which
externally govern its operation. The Consumer Law, the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs 2015)
and the VET Funding Contract outline the parameters in which auss-one can administer fees, charges and conditions of

The Purpose

The Fees, Charges and Refund Policy is designed to ensure that Avante Education complies with the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2019 Standard 5, Guidelines about fees and relevant funding agreements in relation to fees, charges and refunds.

All prospective learners are referred to and properly informed about fees, charges and refunds prior to enrolment through the Fees, Charges and Refund Policy.

Request a Refund

If you wish to request a refund please complete the Refund Request Form and submit the form to the following:

  • In Person

    Unit 3 49-51 Horne St Sunbury VIC 3429

  • Post

    Attention to Administration
    Unit 3 49-51 Horne St, Sunbury
    VIC 3429

  • Email

*All refund requests are subject to the conditions of refunds outlined in the Fees,Charges and Refund Policy.

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Learner Code of Conduct

Learners are to be considerate of others at all times and respect Avante Education‘s commitment to provide a learning environment conducive to comfort, respect and requirements of all students for successful outcomes in training.

Students are to adhere to the Avante Education Learner Code of Conduct which will be provided prior to accepting enrolment.

* A copy of the Learner Code of Conduct can be made available upon request.

Any breach of the Learner Code of Conduct may result to student disciplinary actions in accordance with the Avante Education Learner Discipline Policy.

* A copy of the Learner Discipline Policy can be made available upon request.

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Access & Equity

The Access & Equity Policy provides and ensures that training services reflect fair and reasonable opportunity for all learners, regardless of their diversity, allowing everyone to freely participate in the learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and vilification.

Avante Education, encourages and values equity and diversity with regard to learners and we will ensure that our services are offered and provided in a fair and equitable manner to all learners, free from bias.
We are also committed to providing flexible learning and assessment options, allowing learners alternatives which recognise their individual needs and circumstances and aiding them in their learning goals.

*Avante Education is an equal opportunity education provider, all individuals are invited to apply to enrol. Please note some qualifications may have specific industry and entry requirements.

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Delivery Locations

Avante Education has campuses located in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland & Tasmania. Use the course locator below to find out if a course is offered in your state.

Course delivery locations (by state)

*To find out campus locations and intake dates (by state) in a course you are interested in, please speak to one of our Careers Counsellors by contacting us .


• Melbourne • Sydney • Brisbane • Ulverstone

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Career & Study Pathways

Find a pathway and maximise your career opportunities by progressing into and between qualifications, streamlining you into your career aspirations!

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